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Special Interest Group: Decentralized and Collaborative AI

Group coordinators:

Reza M. Parizi, Kennesaw State University, USA (chair)
Ali Dehghantanha, University of Guelph, Canada
Qi Zhang, Research Scientist at Meta, USA


This is a special R&D group under the IEEE TEMS Technical Committee (TC) on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies focusing on the intersections between advanced and federated machine/deep learning and decentralization. The key focus will be on:

  • How we can bring decentralized data to build intelligent applications/systems more securely and efficiently in various domains such as medical, IoT, agriculture, and cybersecurity 

  • The advancement of tools and frameworks in enabling technologies for decentralized AI

  • Blockchain for AI and vice versa 


Somnath Mazumdar, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Mark Nejad, University of Delaware, USA


Interested to join us?

We welcome new members to join our SIG, by contacting one of the coordinators.

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