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About Us

The Decentralized Science Lab (dSL) is a research lab focused on advancing knowledge and driving innovation in decentralized computing and its enabling technologies. Currently, dSL’s researchers are exploring the crosscut areas of:

  • On-Device AI and Cloud

  • Federated Learning

  • Decentralized Cybersecurity

  • Security of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Security

  • AI-enabled Security Solutions

  • Blockchain and Smart Contracts

  • Tools for Post-Quantum Cryptography

“The Decentralized Science Lab (dSL) provides R&D based solutions that bridge the gap between the current state of decentralized software and systems and a future in which mass adoption is possible. The efforts of dSL research will focus on solving problems such as security& privacy, scalability, performance, and other common challenges, in order to lower the risks of implementation for early adopters and promote widespread use.”

Dr. Reza M. Parizi, Director

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