On-Device AI, Decentralized Cybersecurity, Blockchain Systems 

Decentralization in computing has gained notice in recent years with the rise in interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. However, the benefits of decentralization go beyond those more well-known solutions. Decentralization is a paradigm shift towards the dispersing of data, functions and control away from a central location or authority. Applied in new and innovative ways, decentralization can provide revolutionary software and systems solutions.

The Decentralized Science Lab (dSL) at Kennesaw State University is a research group performing cutting-edge research into decentralized computing concepts and their enabling technologies to provide R&D solutions in multidisciplinary domains including AI, Federated Machine Learning, FinTech, Security, and more. The team is headed by Dr. Reza M. Parizi in the College of Computing and Software Engineering.

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