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Web3 Security, Decentralized AI, Blockchain Systems, Post-Quantum Cybersecurity, GenAI 

Decentralization in computing has gained notice in recent years with the rise in interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. However, the benefits of decentralization go beyond those more well-known solutions. Decentralization is a paradigm shift towards the dispersing of data, functions and control away from a central location or authority. Applied in new and innovative ways, decentralization can provide revolutionary software and systems solutions.

The Decentralized Science Lab (dSL) at Kennesaw State University is a research group performing cutting-edge research into decentralized computing concepts and their enabling technologies to provide R&D solutions in multidisciplinary domains including AI, Federated Machine Learning, FinTech, Security, and more. The team is headed by Dr. Reza M. Parizi in the College of Computing and Software Engineering.

Recent News

June 2024
Paper accepted at IEEE Blockchain 2024
LLMSmartSec: Smart Contract Security Auditing with LLM and Annotated Control Flow Graph
June 2024
Paper accepted at IEEE Blockchain 2024
An AI Multi-Model Approach to DeFi Project Trust Scoring and Security
May 2023
Paper accepted at IEEE DAPPS 2023
Automatic Detection of API Access Control Vulnerabilities in Decentralized Web3 Applications
Jan 2023
Paper published at Computers in Industry
Secure Intelligent Fuzzy Blockchain Framework: Effective Threat Detection in IoT Networks
Aug 2022
Paper published at ARES 2022
CloudFL: A Zero-Touch Federated Learning Framework for Privacy-aware Sensor Cloud
April 2022
Paper accepted at IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
Block Hunter: Federated Learning for Cyber Threat Hunting in Blockchain-based IIoT Networks
Jan 2022
Paper accepted at Machine Learning with Applications
Federated IoT Security Attack Detection using Decentralized Edge Data
Nov 2021
Paper accepted at IEEE Systems Journal
FabricFL: Blockchain-in-the-Loop Federated Learning for Trusted Decentralized Systems
Oct 2021
Paper accepted at Blockchain: Research and Applications
BlockHDFS: Blockchain-integrated Hadoop distributed file system for secure provenance traceability
AUG 2021
Paper accepted at IEEE Access
An Ensemble Multi-View Federated Learning Intrusion Detection for IoT
JUNE 9, 2021
Paper accepted at Ad Hoc Networks
Federated learning for drone authentication
MAY 3, 2021
Paper accepted at IEEE Internet of Things Journal
Federated Learning-based Anomaly Detection for IoT Security Attacks
OCT 7, 2020
Paper accepted at Future Generation Computer Systems
A Survey on Security and Privacy of Federated Learning  
JUL 29, 2020
Paper accepted at IEEE Internet of Things Journal
Enabling Drones in the Internet of Things with Decentralized Blockchain-based Security
JAN 27, 2020
Paper accepted at IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics
Decentralized Authentication of Distributed Patients in Hospital Networks using Blockchain
JAN 12, 2020
Paper accepted at IEEE Transactions on Services Computing
An Energy-efficient SDN Controller Architecture for IoT Networks with Blockchain-based Security
JAN 10, 2020
Paper accepted at IEEE 91st Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2020)
SLPoW: Secure and Low Latency Proof of Work Protocol for Blockchain in Green IoT Networks
OCT 24, 2019
Paper accepted at Journal of Network and Computer Applications
Sidechain technologies in blockchain networks: An examination and state-of-the-art review
OCT 21, 2019
Paper accepted at Computers & Security
Blockchain Smart Contracts Formalization: Approaches and Challenges to Address Vulnerabilities
SEP 28, 2019
Paper accepted at Computers & Security
P4-to-Blockchain: A Secure Blockchain-enabled Packet Parser for Software Defined Networking
AUG 23, 2019
Paper accepted in IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering
Blockchain-enabled Authentication Handover with Efficient Privacy Protection in SDN-based 5G Networks
AUG 18, 2019
Paper accepted at IEEE GLOBECOM 2019 Workshops
Energy Efficient Decentralized Authentication in Internet of Underwater Things using Blockchain
JUL 24, 2019
Paper accepted at IEEE-ICII 2019
A Hybrid RSA Algorithm in Support of IoT Greenhouse Applications
JUL 17, 2019
IEEE Outstanding Paper Award
BlockIPFS - Blockchain-enabled Interplanetary File System for Forensic and Trusted Data Traceability
MAY 08, 2019
Paper accepted in IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing
Classification based Energy Efficient Dynamic Task Scheduling Scheme for Virtualized Cloud Data Center

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